Marielle, Becci, Sibylle og Johannes på LIME

Marielle, Becci, Sibylle og Johannes på LIME

Internasjonalt team besøkte Sømna i april/mai

I november i fjor, og i april i år, fikk LIME besøk av 4 ungdommer som for tiden går på Nordtun DTS. Nordtun er en disippeltreningsskole i nettverket til Ungdom i Oppdrag som ligger på Engavågen i Meløy-kommune. Høst og vår har studentene mini-outreach, blant annet til Sømna. I løpet av besøket i Sømna deltok teamet på ledermøte onsdag ettermiddag, på speidermøte på torsdag og åpent hus på LIME fredag. I forkant presenterte teamet seg slik:

The girl to the left in the picture:

Hey! My name is Marielle, I´m 20 years old and come from Holland. My happiest moments is when I can get out in the nature, surrounded by animals, with my camera in my hand. I wanted my DTS to be a bit adventures like this, so therefor I decided to apply for this DTS in Nordland.

The girl in center of the picture:

Hey, my name is Becci, I am 23 years old and coming from Southern Germany. The past 4 years I have been studying International Social Work. Through some friends at university I got to know Youth with a mission and they told me some amazing things about it. Thus, after finishing my studies in July, I felt like God was calling me to do a DTS to get to know him better and spend more time with him. Since I have never been up so far in the north and I loved the idea of learning more about the outdoors, I thought that coming to Engavågen sounded like a pretty good challenge and experience. I love traveling and getting to know other cultures and like Sibylle I have a passion for chocolate J

The girl to the right in the picture:

My name is Sibylle and I am from Switzerland. I’m 26 years old. Until this September I worked in a hospital as a nurse. Before I do some advanced studies next year, I wanted to have a year off to get closer to god. I don’t know how exactly I ended up in Norway, but since I love the great outdoors (especially being on mountains!) this seemed to be the perfect place to do a DTS. Next to outdoorsports I love music…. Playing guitar is one of my passions. And of course I love eating chocolate and cheese- especially in good company with my precious friends!

The boy:

My name is Johannes Ljøkjel. I am 20 years old and come from Kristiansand, Norway. My biggest hobby and work is the same thing: Being a light technician at different concerts and events, both in Norway and different places around the world.

I desided to take a DTS after good tips from some of my nearest friends, and I wanted to know more about who God is, and how he can be a bigger part of my life.

The reason why I ended up on a DTS in my own home country, was that I did not felt any need to travel to another country right now, and the outdoor track sounded very interesting. I have never been doing any outdoor activities like we have on this track before, so I looked at this as a very good opportunity to learn more about outdoor activities! So far, I really love it!

Tusen takk for besøk! Dere har vært til stor velsignelse! 

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